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About Us


  • We have a simple mission, to train the average law abiding citizen to responsibly use a firearm. Whether you are going to keep a handgun at home or carry one, we will tell you your options. To explain in English not in legal speak, what can get you in trouble and what can keep you out of trouble. We will teach you with patience and do our best to answer any questions you have.  If we cannot answer your question we will find the answers.

What We Do!


  • We offer Conceal Carry Classes, Basic Pistol Classes, Conceal Carry Renewal. We have loaner firearms that you can try and qualify with for your Conceal Carry Permit. If you need a loaner but are not ready to buy yet, that’s okay we have free loaners (Ammo Extra). We can order your new firearm, if we don’t have one in stock, for you. *If you have a group that want to get a Conceal Carry Permit and a place that legal to shoot, we can come to you. Call us for details!  

Why We do It


  • We started American Firearms Training Ethics and Responsibility in 2009 due to some questions not being answered. Some classes we took ran you through the class, shot a few rounds and you were done. Not only that there were 100 plus people in the class. We started with the idea that no class would be over 30 people, we do our best to answer all questions. If you are a relatively new shooter we take the time to go over issues after the class with you to answer your questions. All questions should be answered even if it takes a few phone calls. If you have any questions give us a call or send us an email.

Who Are We?

Dedicated Instructors

Our instructors are NRA certified instructors. We have been certified by the Minnesota BCA to teach MN Personal Protection (Conceal Carry). We are authorized to also teach Conceal carry for the state of WI. Our instructors are dedicated to teach you the correct safe way to carry a personal protection firearm. They will go above the state requirements to train you correctly.

Free Loaners


  • If you do not have a firearm we have free loaners for you to use in multiple calibers. We ask that you pay for the ammunition though. You can try various calibers to see what you are comfortable with. If you would like to buy a firearm we can get it for you if it is not in our stock. We understand it’s a big decision and we can help.

Our Motto


  • We teach the average law abiding citizen in the safe and responsible use of a personal protection firearm. 

This is what our instructors strive to achieve.


Concealed Carry Class


AFTER MN offers the MN Personal Protection Act class or Conceal Carry Class. We have been teaching the class since 2009. You can take the class for your Wisconsin  permit also. We offer the class in various ways. We schedule classes at various locations, restaurants etc. or we can come to you. Let us know what works for you. We also offer an online option. Click on the link below to get more information.

Basic Pistol


If you are new to shooting we offer the NRA Basic Pistol class. This class will help you get comfortable with handguns. You will be able to try different calibers to find what is right for you. This class is scheduled a few times throughout the year. 

Conceal Carry Renewal


Is it time to renew your conceal carry permit? We can handle that. Let us get you familiar with new rules and regulations that have taken effect. We will let you know what will keep you out of trouble and legal when carrying a concealed forearm.

Additional Resources

WI. Resident Information

If you live in WI. this link has a lot of information. Wisconsin CCW

Carry Laws by State

A good site for checking reciprocity.

Handgun Laws

National Rifle Association

The organization that keeps the second amendment alive.


Good Conceal Carry Info

Good site for conceal carry permit holders.

USA Carry

MN Conceal Carry Application

Up to date Application

MN Carry Application

State of Florida

If you want to get a Florida Conceal Carry permit, here is the link..

State of Florida Conceal Carry packet 

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